TOP 5 deepest canyons in the world

These are the highest mountains on earth, which are not considered particularly strong. However, it is always interesting to climb into the clouds and explore other lands. If you are not afraid of heights, or if you are afraid of heights, then go to the classifieds. The original source of this material can be found here . If you have any questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, or courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97Lhasa, TibetHeight: 3,600 mLocated in It is one of the four poles of its kind. The Tibetan Plateau, also called the Great Hall, is a place where ancient civilizations thrived. Climbers use the ropes to pass through the huge masses of snow. The trail is long and winding, with many waterfalls and heights. It is difficult to fit every day backpack and trekking poles on a long cable car. The cable car is visibleGiant Polar Bear RainforestGlacier, GreenlandHeight: 3,706 mIt is the highest mountain in the North of the country. A place with a rich cultural and spiritual history. Glaciymountain is a destination for inexperienced tourists who want to see the majestic polar bears, hear traditional songs, swim in the sea and enjoy the beauty of the local fjord. Dzungarian Peaks, TibetHeight: 3,825 mIt is the highest mountain in Russia. The peak of the mountain is surrounded by a large Tibetan plateau. Climbers use ropes to climb to the top. The trail is long and narrow, with small streams and heights. The area is ideal for beginners and intermediates, beginners enjoy great views, intermediate level enjoys beautiful landscapes, the river views and the opportunity to interact with the local people. Alyosha, RussiaHeight: 3,840 mIt is the highest mountain in the Russian Far North. The Alyosha Glacier is the largest glacier in Russia. The ascent to the peak takes several months. Alyosha is considered the most beautiful mountain in Russia. It is a snowless glacier with a flat top. The route to the peak takes eight months. The main view of the Alyosha Glacier is the church tower. Naryan, ChinaHeight: 4,090 mIt is the second highest mountain in China. The people of Naryan use ropes to climb the mountain. The climb to the peak takes six months. The main feature of the mountain is the massive vertical massif with a height of more than 2500 m . Furthermore, it is surrounded by six hiking trails. Pamirs, RussiaHeight: 4,150 mIt is the highest mountain in the Russian Far North, located on Sinkhole Spur. The people of Simferopol climb the mountain every year on a specially paved route. The mountain has a summit with a height of