There's nothing like a bucket of gold: what treasures are hidden in the Amazon basin?

Amazon basin, South AmericaMany people have heard about the Amazon rainforest, but few people know that there are also great treasures there. Yes, there are forests in the Amazon, but the Amazon basin is different. There are many rare species of trees, there are more snakes, lizards and wild animals. The Amazon basin is also called the giant basin, simply because it is twice the size of Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal, South AmericaIndeed, the Amazon basin is the largest inland rainforest in the world. Long story short: The Amazon River flows through the basin and is rich in moisture. This area is home to an incredible number of species of trees, including some that grow abundantly in the Amazon jungle. But the most famous deposit for lovers of natural history is the famous Lake Baikal in Russia. Locals talk about the huge depth of the lake: the water depth in the basin is several meters! And also the temperature in the basin It varies significantly: in summer it is high enough that people swim, but in winter it is cold. For centuries, local residents have been fascinated by the wonders of the lake, some claim that it is alive, there are living things in it, and there are trees that have grown so large that you can't reach them. the surface. The Amazon River in the Russian part is a real treasure!The beauty of the natural world In the Russian part The Amazon is not included in the planned route of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, we have chosen the highest lake in the Amazon basin: the height of the lake is about 600 m above sea level. The lake is filled with water every year due to rain and flooding. The lake's depth is about 600 m. The lake is located in a deep gorge, which also attracts tourists. Closer to the village of Sarychinsk there is a attraction called "Boundless Watershed". Closer to the village SarychinskThere are different ways to get to Lake Baikal: walk 200-300 meters;riverboat ride;take a kayak. All this is within walking distance. From Sarychinsk there is a train station;riverboat ride. From the village of Sarychinsk there is a bridge No. 216. The train goes to the very top and down to the valley where the lake is located. Sarychinsk itself is a small village, of which there are residents only . The lake is fed from a spring with enough power that you can have a paddle on it. The lake is 7 km long and 1 in a long river. The waterfall is 2.5 km long. For a beginner, this is a very beautiful place to go. And also nearby is the famous photograph of Maryinka and Maryinka in the village of Sarych