An Egyptian court accepts a lawsuit against TV channel Ten. I show you what you need to know about the country and its people

TV channels are not available in Egypt. This is true for official and non-official ones. So we will consider the case of TV channel Ten, which received a lawsuit in the form of a complaint. The channel has its own website, but it is not working properly. it appears on the site. We will tell you, by the way, what is going on and who is involved in the dispute. Ten was originally a TV channel that broadcast news on an independent basis, but over time, its channels have merged and now the channel is broadcast on all Egypt. Ten is operated by the Egyptian broadcaster TV3, and Ten is owned by the Egyptian state media. TV3 owns 50% of the channel, and Ten has its own 50% owner. This has always been the case. In 2013, Ten was given the name "State TV" after a court decision. The channel's employees are not paid and do not get any benefits, while TV3 gets most of the money from advertising and subscriptions fees. How does television in Egypt work?Viewing hours in the channel One TV channel is available in: prime time – 11: 00, 11: 30, 18: 00, 5: 00, 18: 45, 6: 00, and 9: 00. Each channel has an authenticated user and a password. To start using the channel, you need to download the app for your mobile phone. There is also a free version, where you can watch any recorded programs, but it is not suitable for everyone. There is also a paid version, where you can watch recorded programs on your phone, but the quality is mediocre. The channels are grouped into three sections: sports, current affairs, and general programming. In our review today, we will talk about the basic characteristics of the channels. Basic characteristics of Egyptian television channelsTelevision sets in Egypt are ubiquitous: you can buy both cellular and wireless. There are models with picture or picture, but the picture is usually of poor quality and it is very difficult to choose which one you want. We have reviewed several review articles about television sets. The most interesting thing about the set is the remote control. You can use it to watch recorded programs on the channel. We also recommend it. The channels we reviewed usually had a signal level at least 50, preferably 60. There are also models without picture, but we have not tried them yet. A good signal, because it is used by everyone and it is connected to the TV3 interface. We also recommend it to try a head-mounted remote control for watching programs. It is available in three versions: standard, with S, P and A radios, and with remote for holding down the remote. The remote is attached to the ceiling with a cable, it is firmly attached to the wall